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About Us

The Amazing Caramel Company came about because a little girl LOVED sweets! My mom did not have a sweet tooth. She did however make old fashioned handmade caramel candy at Christmas time to give as gifts. She taught me the art in our old farmhouse kitchen. It is a very finicky, time consuming process, but worth every second! As I got older I started sharing the "sugar love" yummy Caramels as gifts as well. Soon people were asking to buy them so they could share the gift of deliciousness too. The company named itself. At least 85% of the people who try them state, with glimmer in their eyes, "These are AMAZING!" Notice the red bow on the logo, I believe special gifts come with "A Big red bow." We became an official LLC in August of 2018. Which happens to be my Mom's birthday month. We lost her tragically in 2008. But, I KNOW she is smiling down from heaven. I have to thank the "Caramel Angels" Sky and Jenna for all of their assistance in getting me this far.